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Bundle 1 F&N: Foot Care Specialist Essentials + Lower Extremity Wound Prevention & Treatment

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BUNDLE ONE: Foot Care Specialist Essentials & Lower Extremity Wound Prevention & Treatment. This program provides the non-specialist nurse or healthcare provider the educational courses required to become a footcare specialist as outlined by the WOCNCB (Wound Ostomy Continence Nurse Certification Board).


Learner will have access to these courses for 90 days after purchase.

FN525.1: Role and Scope of Practice

FN525.2: Structure and Function of the Foot

FN525.3: Structure and Function of the Nails

FN525.4: Structure and Function of the Skin

FN525.5: Comprehensive Assessment

FN525.6: Dermatologic Terms

FN525.7: Foot Terms

FN525.8: Nail Terms

FN525.9: Assessment of the Foot and Nail

FN525.10: Lower Extremity Assessment

FN525.11: Routine Care of the Foot

FN525.12: Common and Complex Skin and Foot Problems

FN525.13: Common and Complex Nail Conditions

FN525.14: Offloading

FN525.15: Education: Impacts on Foot Care

FN526.16: Wound Healing

FN526.17: Wound Assessment

FN526.18: Principles of Wound Care

FN526.19: Infection

FN526.20: Wound Care Dressings in Foot Care

FN526.21: Management of Periwound Skin

FN526.22: Factors that Affect Wound Healing

FN526.23: Refractory Wounds

FN527.24: Arterial Ulcers

FN527.25: Venous Ulcers

FN527.26: Neuropathic Ulcers

FN527.27: Differentiating Types of Lower Extremity Wounds


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