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WEB WOC Nursing Education Program
Alternative Virtual Practicum
Spring 2023
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BUNDLE ONE: Foot Care Specialist Essentials & Lower Extremity Wound Prevention & Treatment. This + Learn More


BUNDLE TWO: Foot Care Specialist Essentials: FAST-TRACK. This program provides the CORE educational + Learn More


This course is designed to increase the knowledge of the nurse generalist to the advanced + Learn More


Learner will have access to this course for 30 days after purchase. COURSE DESCRIPTION: + Learn More


This course focuses on the care of the client in all care settings who has fecal and/or urinary + Learn More


PRESENTERS & PLANNING COMMITTEE: WEB WOC® Program Faculty (in alphabetic + Learn More


COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course provides healthcare practitioners + Learn More


COURSE DESCRIPTION: This presentation presents information for healthcare + Learn More


COURSE DESCRIPTION: FN525.10: This presentation outlines the assessment + Learn More


COURSE DESCRIPTION: FN525.11: This presentation provides step by step + Learn More

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