Refund Policy

WEB WOC Continuing Education Program: On Demand Courses

Full refunds are available for On Demand courses within 7 calendar days of purchase if the course has not yet been accessed.  Partial refunds are not available.  On Demand courses are available for 30 days with the exception of the SWA Course and Foot Care Courses, which are available for 90 days.  Extensions beyond the course availability are handled in a case-by-case scenario.  Please e-mail course.support@webwocnurse.com with any questions regarding refunds for On Demand courses.

WEB WOC Nursing Education Program: Nurse Specialist Courses

Refunds for the Nurse Specialist Courses (Seminars in WOC Nursing, Wound/Ostomy/Continence Care Nurse Specialist Courses) follow the refund and drop policy that is outlined within the Course Syllabus and Learner Handbook.  Please email admissions@webwocnurse.com with any questions you may have.